1) The curriculum of maths and physics

Math Curriculum

Descargar (PDF, 97KB)

Physics Curriculum

Descargar (PDF, 75KB)

2) The evaluation of the project

Evaluation Project

Descargar (PDF, 41KB)

Evaluation Art Lesson

Descargar (PDF, 51KB)

Evaluation Math Lesson

Descargar (PDF, 53KB)

Evaluation Organization

Descargar (PDF, 58KB)

Evaluation IT (computer) Lesson

Descargar (PDF, 56KB)

Evaluation Physics Lesson

Descargar (PDF, 52KB)

3) The E-Book

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4) The video clip
5) Videos of the lessons
6) The educational systems of each country

Educational system of Greece

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Educational system of Turkey

Descargar (PDF, 1.02MB)

Educational system of Spain

Descargar (PDF, 566KB)

Educational system of Cyprus

Descargar (PDF, 854KB)

Educational system of United Kingdom

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